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Dressing Type Cast Padding
Latex Free Yes
Items per case 24
Sterile Yes

Cast Padding

Webril™ Cast Padding Latex Free 4 Yards

Webril Cast Padding Latex Free 4"

100% cotton fibers for soft and natural cushioning. A combination of mild stretch and cohesiveness holds it in place without shifting; no tucking, no taping and no bunching. Retains its consistency wet and dry and ideal for use with synthetic plaster casting material.


Width Product Code
2" 11-002
3" 11-003
4" 11-004
6" 11-006
Material: 100% cotton fibers
Sof-Rol™ Cast Padding Latex Free 4 Yards

Sof-Rol Cast Padding Latex Free 6"

100% surgical grade, needle-loomed rayon. Combines high tensile strength with superior absorbency for maximum undercast comfort and moisture wicking. 


Width Product Code
2" 11-012
3" 11-013
4" 11-014
6" 11-016
Material: 100% surgical grade needle-loomed rayon
Specialist™ Cast Padding Latex Free 4 Yards

Specialist Cast Padding

Utilizes a unique micro-pleated design which allows for excellent conformability protection and ease of application, without tucking or tearing. Cotton and rayon blend has excellent absorption and offers custom padding around bony prominences for a smooth undercast surface. 


Width Product Code
2" 11-032
3" 11-033
4" 11-034
6" 11-036
Material: Cotton/rayon blend micropleated design

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™ Sof-Rol and Specialist are trademarks of BSN Medical, Inc.